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Our Services

These are the services we have to offer our clients.

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Our Services

These are the services we have to offer our clients.

Mowing & Maintenance

Whether it’s an ongoing mowing maintenance package or a one time mowing service we can handle the job. We take pride in all our work from the smallest residential mowing job to large commercial mowing maintenance packages.

Many commercial lawns and large residential properties can sometimes just be too much for the owner to maintain. Texas Lawn Tree can handle those jobs, we mow, edge, weed eat and blow all the grass off sidewalks and driveways. Attention to detail and professionalism is what we are best known for in the Dallas County, Hunt County, Ft. Worth, and surrounding areas.

Whats included in our Lawn Mowing and maintenance services?

  • We start with our professional mowing equipment ensuring that your grass is cut to the appropriate length based on the type of grass your home or commercial property has.
  • Then we use our high powered string trimmers to trim around trees, landscaping, house or business or any other obstacles that might be in your lawn.
  • We pay special attention when edging your property with our powered edger. We edge around your driveway, sidewalks and landscaping beds this creates nice straight finished edges around your lawn.
  • Texas Lawn Tree finishes the job by blowing all the grass clippings off of your walkways and driveways. We always clean up after ourselves, that’s how professional do it.
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Tree Trimming/Removal

Many home and business owners are often intimidated by trimming and pruning their shrubs and trees. Neglecting to trim or prune your trees can allow diseases to spread or cause limbs to break during storms or high winds. Often times trees can completely die  from the spread of disease or completely become uprooted from strong winds. Improper care of your trees will make them lack proper foliage and color that once made them desirable in the beginning. We want to keep all of your trees and shrubs full of new growth, remove any dead or dying branches, while keeping them uniform and healthy. Not every tree or shrub can be trimmed the same, or even at the same time of the year. The professionals at Texas Lawn Tree know when and what services are necessary to keep your shrubs and trees looking their best.

What We Do!

We specialize in large and hazardous tree removals that require skilled and trained climbers. As well as pruning and trimming services that require a personal touch of our certified arborist.  We service all of DFW and surrounding areas.

Call us at (469) 387-5110 to come to your residential or commercial property so we can help maintain all your shrubs, flowers and small trees. These services can be included in our maintenance packages.


We proudly service residential and commerical properties in and around Dallas, Texas

Please see our list of service areas below. If you are unsure if we can service your property, give us a call at (214) 862-2169 and we’d be happy to let you know!

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